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Making social & emotional intelligence accessible for all brains in Western Adelaide.

Hi, I'm Courtney

My pedagogy is based upon providing a safe, play-based learning environment for children to develop social and emotional skills. I strongly believe that these learning areas are the upmost important components to teach children.

“My area of expertise is providing social and emotional support and education to autistic children and trauma related backgrounds.”

Our Program

Planned Experiences

In addition to the program we offer an opportunity for children to participate in real life social planned experiences. The objective is for staff to observe the child’s ongoing development, achievement or possible regression since implementing the program.

This allows professional reflection within the program and it’s success, which gives us a true and accurate insight on how the child is interacting socially and emotionally and leads to creating individualised goals for the child’s progress throughout the program.

The ASD program is designed to ensure the child receives the best possible opportunity to succeed and strive while also being able to observe real results in development through planned experiences. Our program is uniquely developed towards each child’s individual needs.

If you feel your child may need support in their social skills and/or emotional development, please contact us.

Social & Emotional Education

Through play-based fun learning experiences. My practices are based upon using a discrete intentional teaching method. This is great for reluctant learners as most of the learning is through play!

Communication & Relationships

We help children enhance their level of communication with their peers, providing strategies for positive interactions, developing relationships, and understanding appropriate behaviour and social cues.


We’re now slowly introducing aromatherapy into the business and program. Stay tuned for more info to come.

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I believe in the importance of establishing a solid foundation and safe learning environment for your child or children. Let's meet and see if we're a good fit for each other.

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