The ASD program is uniquely tailored for all children between ages 5-12 years to develop social and emotional skills. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The ASD program consists of 20+ key social and emotional skills that are taught through both explicit teaching methods and intentional teaching-play based learning approaches. 

Although ASD Support & Education specialises in working with autistic children and trauma related backgrounds between 5-12 years of age, this diverse social and emotional skill development program supports children of all personalities.  

This program supports children on their journey to adulthood and becoming kind hearted, independent human beings. I pride myself on offering a program that values a care, nurture, kindness, interest, and patience approach to all children. I believe children do not successfully learn or develop until they experience feeling safe, nurtured, valued, heard, needed, wanted, and loved. It is my mission to provide each child a safe opportunity to experience these basic needs.  


I am a child advocate; I am passionate, and I LOVE my job. You can expect dedicated care, compassionate service and committed support. I will always do my best to support your family in any way I can. 


I pride myself on offering a program that is tailored to each child’s specific needs. Therefore the program will include social observations throughout school holidays to document ongoing success during school term sessions. Social observations during school holiday planned experiences are beneficial to assess and record evidence that the child is progressing in each goal that was set at the beginning of the program. It is also an opportunity to revise goals as required.

The program includes access to fidgets, sensory equipment and toys, visual communication cue cards, board games, multiple reward systems/charts, weighted blankets, to-do lists, break/wait/unavailable cards, screen time through use of the iPad and more.

Planned experience entry costs/admissions are an optional additional expense but aren't required to continue the program as there are other FREE planned experiences we can access. Another additional cost may be travel expenses (parking costs ect). Also, some no-obligation suggestions for purchases may be offered to support the child’s needs at the parent’s discretion.

Families can access planned experiences when their child has undergone the ASD Program for more than 1 school term.

Planned experiences are encouraged in School Holidays for observational purposes to measure success and development within the child since implementing the program. These assessments and observations are used to create goals and possible revisions for the child for the next school term when reintroducing the program.

Yes, you can cancel services at any time. There are no lock in contracts.

Yes, ASD Program sessions can be charged through a bulk bill option OR individually depending on your preference.

Pay As You Go Option: Charged individually for each session as they commence.

Bulk Bill Option: Charged for a 12-week block.

All prepaid services that have not been rendered yet are fully refundable unless services are cancelled because:

  • You changed your mind
  • You insisted on having a service provided in a particular way, against the provider’s advice
  • You failed to clearly explain your needs to the provider.

ASD Support & Education is based in Western Adelaide and comes to you! Sessions can be held during a home visit, in school visit or on a planned experience. Sessions are available Monday to Friday, 7:30am-6:00pm. Weekend days are reserved for meetings.

I am available on Saturdays and Sundays for meetings or by appointment only on other days.  I can attend school meetings, provider meetings, Support Plan Management meetings, and  any other meeting you believe is of importance or if you simply need guidance or support.

Yes, ASD Support & Education expenses can come out of your capacity building/therapy NDIS budget.

The program has an estimated annual completion date of 52 weeks when using the program for 2 hours per week. The suggested timeframe has been calculated to achieve all program criteria. However, despite the estimated annual completion date, I recommend the program is run until the child has achieved the set goals


This program is unique and completely dependent on the child's ability to learn, which may affect the completion timeframe. Although I provide the highest level of support possible, there is no guarantee that each child will successfully develop the new skills offered in this program


Depending on the child, the program may finish sooner or can run for longer. 


There are many different variables that can affect how long the program will run, such as:  


  • Personal life changes or routines that may affect the child's ability to concentrate
  • Loss and grievance 
  • Ability to access the child within school hours
  • Engagement in school holiday sessions 
  • ASD Support & Education staff availability
  • COVID lockdowns, quarantining, or sickness 
  • If the child is having a good day upon arrival of session
  • Running out of funds for the child
  • Not booking weekly 2 hour sessions
  • Cancellations or taking holidays
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