About ASD

ASD Support & Education specialises in social and emotional development for children with High Functioning Autism.

Practices are based upon using a discrete intentional teaching method – great for reluctant learners as most of the learning is through play!

Hi there, I'm Courtney Schultz

I created ASD Support & Education provide children with kind, respectful, inclusive and FUN experiences to encourage ongoing learning and development.

I specialise in developing social and emotional skills for children with high functioning autism, incorporating intentional teaching strategies discretely (which is perfect for reluctant learners).

I am a strong believer in  establishing good relationships with parents and children before commencing my programme, which is why I offer a free one hour consultation to meet with you and your child.

I believe in noticing, recognising and advocating for each child’s voice, which is why I will decline work if the child does not feel comfortable, or voices they sincerely do not want my support, out of respect for the child and their rights.

My practice is purely about having the child’s best interest at heart, acknowledging and noticing individuality in each child and responding in a kind, encouraging, loving way… with a touch of intentional teaching!

I am diploma qualified and specialise in supporting primary school age children with high functioning autism (HFA) and children who have suffered trauma.


All original documents can be viewed/sited upon request.
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